Spay to Save Program

This program was put in place to help lower the number of unwanted and homeless pets so adoptable animals all over Kentucky can stop being euthanized from lack of homes.

Litter Adopted in 2012

Space is LIMITED

      Is your cat pregnant or expecting a litter of kittens?  If so, Halfway Home Rescue is now offering our Spay to Save Program. HHR will take in your entire litter, and we will pay for you to take the mother and father along with ALL other pets in your home to one of our trusted vets to be fixed for free.

       You contact us once your cat has its litter and we schedule a date to have you bring in your kittens when they are weaned at around 8 weeks, then we send you to our vet to have your existing household pets fixed for free.

In order to qualify for this program, you must agree to these terms:

  • You will be responsible for transporting your mother cat/kittens at the time of scheduled surgery. Furthermore if something happens and you cannot get the kittens to us before surgery and/or cannot get mom cat to the scheduled appointment, it can sometimes take several weeks to reschedule. (However we will take kittens at the time they are weaned).
  • You must sign an owner surrender form for the kittens confirming you are permanently signing them over to us to be vetted and adopted. If you change your mind and want to adopt one you must apply, be approved and pay adoption fee like any other adopter.
  • HHR and the veterinarian /facility performing the surgery are NOT responsible for any complications from surgery. You will be asked to sign a waiver at the clinic where you confirm your appointment. 
  • Spaces are Limited 

Litter Adopted in 2015

An addition to this program, we provide overall assistance to owned pets without having a current litter. We can assist with dog or cat spay/neuter when funds and transportation permit. Please Contact Us if you or someone you know is in need of assistance.