Trap Neuter Return Program

Halfway Home Rescue is involved with local TNR to help reduce the number of unaltered animals roaming and reproducing throughout Kentucky. 

  • We do not charge for this service, however there is a Suggested Donation of $20 if you are able. This will help us continue to provide these services to those who cannot afford it. 

  • The distance we can travel to help with TNR is based off of what volunteers we have available to assist. It can also be dependent on assistance from "owners" or property owners requesting the assistance and their availability to help. Please don't think because you are not in Lexington that we can't assist. We will do what we can to either help you or point you in the right direction!

  • All animals going through our TNR program will receive Spay/Neuter, Ear Tip, and Rabies shot and FVRCP Booster, and Flea medication.

  • If a TNR animal has some sort of injury, that will be addressed once under sedation as they are sterilized. We have seen things as simple as tooth extractions, to more extreme measures needed for injuries like enucleation and amputations. 

  • Please Contact Us if you need help with feral or community cats needing Spay or Neuter!